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Polygraph Examinations

IBRC offers professional polygraph examinations (including mobile testing) and lie detector tests to determine if your spouse, lover or partner is cheating.

The Polygraph Examiners employed or referred by IBRC are also active or retired law enforcement. All are selected due to their proven track record and are considered distinguished in their field by the polygraph community and are graduates of an American Polygraph Association approved academy. Our examiners are required to attend continuous training updates in order to remain an employee, or as a preferred referral. If they are an associate of IBRC, they are one of the best.

The Infidelity Polygraph Examination includes three phases:

    1. The pre-test which includes the examiner and examinee acquainting themselves with one another. The pre-test also allows the examiner to acquaint the examinee with the polygraph instrument and to reveal the exact questions that will be asked during the examination.
    2. The data is collected by the examiner after administering the examination.
    3. The final phase is the post test phase in which the data from the examination is reviewed with the examinee.

We can conduct the polygraph examination in your office, home, place of business, or in our office. We are members of the American Polygraph Association, the National Polygraph Association, and the California Association of Polygraph Examiners.

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