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Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Surveillance

IBRC is the leading investigation agency in Southern California for infidelity surveillance and stake-outs. All our professional investigators have extensive training and experience in conducting covert surveillance operations to detect and document infidelity, cheating spouses and lovers, and unfaithful partners. We offer stationary surveillance to watch homes, apartments, offices, work-places, hotels, restaurants and other locations, as well as mobile surveillance, to follow the suspect between locations and document their activity.

Our experienced and well-trained private investigators use the most modern and state-of-the-art digital video equipment, including pinhole and button cameras hidden in various forms of clothing, bags, and other items suitable for discreetly following and recording cheaters and adulterers. Night vision cameras are used for indoor and night-time surveillance.

Our infidelity investigators and surveillance specialists are all active or retired law enforcement and police detectives and as such, are experts at conducting discreet surveillance operations, following and documenting the activities of individuals. While no one can guarantee the results of a surveillance operation, hiring experienced and highly-trained investigators can mean the difference between a successful surveillance and a failure.

Videos are provided to our clients on DVDs accompanied with a detailed, professional report of the surveillance conducted. We also provide courtroom testimony when necessary.

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