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GPS Tracking

IBRC provides professional GPS Vehicle Tracking services and and GPS equipment installations for all types of infidelity, adultery and cheating partner investigations. Our GPS Tracking devices can monitor ‘live’ vehicle movement in real-time or provide a detailed travel history – showing where the vehicle traveled, how long it remained at a location, and more.

While GPS devices may not conclusively prove that your husband, wife or partner is being unfaithful, it can confirm that they are being untruthful or deceptive about where they say they were.  If your husband, wife or partner claims to have been working late at the office, but the GPS shows they were miles away from there, you have indisputable proof they were lying.  Additionally, if you suspect your partner or lover is cheating, but don’t know who with, GPS can also provide us with invaluable information and allow us to determine the best place to set up infidelity surveillance, if necessary.  For example, if your partner works in a busy down-town area, mobile surveillance can be difficult and expensive, and sometimes downright impossible.  However, if through historical GPS tracking, we determine that your husband visits a house in a suburban neighborhood every day after work, we can set up our surveillance team near that address and simply wait for your partner to arrive.

On the other hand, GPS tracking can also serve to simply put your mind at ease.  If your husband, wife or partner claims they were at the hospital visiting a sick relative, our GPS tracking can confirm their stated location and allay your fears.

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) devices are small, durable and compact, and can be easily hidden in, or under, a vehicle. GPS Tracking is very affordable and can not only help to confirm that your partner is cheating, but often more importantly, can positively put your mind at ease that they are not.

Infidelity can have a devastating effect on you and your family. If you suspect your partner of cheating, you deserve to know the truth… and we can help!

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