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Computer Searches

Investigations by Retired Cops provides a wide range of computer searches and data recovery services to meet your needs, ranging from basic Internet browser history searches to complete computer forensics examinations.

Our computer searches, data recovery and forensic analysis of a family computer can be used to recover and document a wealth of information and may provide indisputable evidence of cheating or infidelity.

Some of the items that can be uncovered through our computer searches include::

    • Deleted or hidden e-mails
    • Chat messages
    • Account usernames and passwords
    • Financial account & credit card activity
    • Social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    • Dating site activity & memberships
    • Pornography sites visited
    • Photos sent and shared
    • Online purchases (flowers, gifts, etc.)
    • Internet activity & search history

We also have the ability to recover data and evidence from a wide range of mobile devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, tablets, etc.

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